Sustainability Crowdfunding platforms in Switzerland


Anyone can invest in OOMNIUM as long as they can meet the minimum investment requirement of 200.00. OOMNIUM is a crowdfunding platform based in Switzerland that focuses on equity investments in startups, SMEs, and sustainability-focused companies. It was founded in 2019. The platform offers an opportunity for individuals to support and invest in companies that align with their values. OOMNIUM emphasizes responsible crowdinvesting, enabling investors to contribute to the success of businesses they believe in. With a strong presence in Switzerland, OOMNIUM supports both French and German languages on its website, catering to a diverse investor base. This accessibility allows potential investors from different linguistic backgrounds to participate in the investment opportunities provided by the platform. While the exact return on investments is not advertised, OOMNIUM offers equity investments, providing investors with a chance to share in the potential success of the ventures they support. By investing in exciting startup ventures, small and medium-sized enterprises, and sustainable businesses, individuals can contribute to the growth and impact of these companies. In summary, OOMNIUM is a Swiss crowdfunding platform launched in 2019 that offers equity investments in startups, SMEs, and sustainability-focused companies. It welcomes investors from various backgrounds and emphasizes responsible crowdinvesting. Through OOMNIUM, individuals can invest in businesses whose values they share, supporting their growth and potential success.