Sustainability Crowdfunding platforms in France


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Zeste is a crowdfunding platform based in France that specializes in reward-based investments. Founded in 2010, the platform focuses on supporting sustainable projects and initiatives. It offers a diverse range of investment opportunities, including committed documentaries, peasant farms, third places, cooperative supermarkets, artistic achievements, organic and bulk players, local shops, and other responsible and innovative projects. provides a user-friendly website that is available in both French and English languages, catering to a wider audience. The minimum investment required on the platform is just 1 unit of the local currency, making it accessible to a broad range of investors. Although the platform does not advertise a specific return on investment, it enables individuals and corporations to contribute to projects that align with their values. aims to support the development of sustainable and socially responsible endeavors, contributing to positive change in society and the environment. has gained recognition and success in its crowdfunding efforts, attracting a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about sustainability and innovation. Its transparent and inclusive approach has made it a trusted platform for those seeking to invest in impactful projects. Both personal investors and corporations are welcome to participate and contribute to the Zeste platform, allowing for a diverse range of funders and supporting an even broader spectrum of projects.

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Lumo is a French crowdfunding platform that specializes in P2P lending within the sustainability industry. Founded in 2012, Lumo enables individuals and companies to allocate their savings towards financing projects that have a positive impact and are instrumental in driving the ecological transition. With a minimum investment of just 1 EUR, Lumo offers an accessible entry point for both personal and corporate investors. The platform operates exclusively in French, catering to the local market's language preferences. Lumo's primary focus lies in facilitating investments that contribute to sustainability, encouraging a greener and more environmentally friendly future. By offering P2P lending opportunities, Lumo connects investors with projects that align with their values and interests, allowing them to play an active role in the transition to a more sustainable world. While detailed information about the advertised return is not provided, Lumo emphasizes the meaningfulness and positive impact of the projects it supports. This positioning attracts investors who are not solely motivated by financial returns but also seek to make a difference in environmental sustainability. As one of the pioneering crowdfunding platforms in France, Lumo has demonstrated its commitment to promoting projects that benefit the ecological transition. Through its platform, Lumo has helped facilitate the creation of various sustainability initiatives since its establishment. For those looking to invest in sustainable projects in France and make a difference, Lumo offers a reliable and accessible platform to support the ecological transition.

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WE DO GOOD is a crowdfunding platform based in France that focuses on P2P lending for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the sustainability industry. Founded in 2013, this platform allows individuals and businesses to invest in projects of their choice and make positive impacts on the economy, society, and the environment. The platform is available in both French and English languages, making it accessible to a wider audience. With a minimum investment requirement of 1 unit, WE DO GOOD aims to make investing in sustainable projects accessible to everyone. Although the advertised return is not specified, investors can receive royalties in exchange for their investments. These royalties represent the economic, social, and environmental impacts generated by the projects, which are represented by three pictograms. WE DO GOOD welcomes both personal and corporate investors, encouraging individuals and businesses to contribute to the growth and development of sustainable SMEs. By investing in these projects, investors can support the transition towards a more sustainable and responsible economy. For more information and to explore the investment opportunities, individuals and businesses can visit the WE DO GOOD website at

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Solylend is a French crowdfunding platform that was founded in 2017. It operates in the P2P lending sector, exclusively focusing on investments that contribute to sustainability in various industries. The platform supports positive impact projects in social, solidarity, and environmental innovations. With Solylend, individuals and corporations interested in making a positive difference can invest in projects that align with their values. The platform is open to investors from both personal and corporate backgrounds. Solylend's website is available in both French and English, making it accessible to a wider audience. As a member of the crowdfunding family, Solylend has pioneered commitment through crowdlending. However, the specific advertised return for investments is not mentioned. Nonetheless, the minimum investment required to get involved with Solylend is only 50 units of the respective currency. Solylend's mission centers around helping projects that prioritize the well-being of society and the environment to secure funding. By facilitating monetary support for sustainability-focused initiatives, Solylend aims to foster positive change and contribute to a better future. The platform acts as a bridge connecting investors who are passionate about sustainability with innovative projects in need of financial support. Overall, Solylend provides a promising opportunity for individuals and corporations seeking to have a positive impact on society and the environment by supporting sustainability-focused initiatives through P2P lending.