Sustainability Crowdfunding platforms in Denmark


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Makari is a crowdfunding platform based in Denmark that specializes in P2P lending for sustainable projects. Founded in 2021, Makari aims to bring people together to create positive change and contribute to a green transition. The platform focuses on investments in the sustainability industry, offering individuals and corporations the opportunity to invest in projects that promote environmentally friendly practices. By offering P2P lending, Makari allows investors to directly support and finance these projects, ultimately contributing to a greener future. The platform operates primarily in Danish and caters to both personal and corporate investors. With a minimum investment requirement of 1,000 EUR, investors have the flexibility to participate at a level that suits their financial capability. While Makari's advertised return is not specified, the platform emphasizes that investments made through their platform have the potential to yield a return. This suggests that investors can expect a financial benefit while simultaneously supporting sustainable ventures. Makari's website, accessible at, provides further information and access to the crowdfunding platform. It acts as a hub for potential investors to explore and partake in sustainable projects that align with their values and financial goals.