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I believe in you

Anyone can donate to the projects listed on the "I believe in you" crowdfunding platform. This platform is unique in that it focuses solely on financing Swiss sports projects. Founded in 2013, "I believe in you" allows athletes at all levels, from individual athletes to teams, leisure and amateur athletes, clubs, and organizations, to seek funding for their sports-related endeavors. The platform operates in Austria and Switzerland, making it accessible to individuals in both countries. It is open to anyone who wishes to contribute, with a minimum investment of only 1 EUR. However, it should be noted that this is a donation-based platform, so there is no advertised return or expectation of financial gains for investors. "I believe in you" aims to support and empower athletes by providing them with a platform to showcase their projects and raise funds. Through this platform, athletes can gain financial backing for equipment, training, competitions, or any other sports-related expenses they may have. Overall, "I believe in you" bridges the gap between athletes and their supporters, allowing individuals to invest in the success of Swiss sports projects and contribute to the growth and development of the sports industry in Austria and Switzerland.