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Bolsa Social

Bolsa Social is a Spanish crowdfunding platform founded in 2014 that enables investors to support companies with a positive social impact. The platform offers two investment types, equity and debt, allowing investors to choose the most suitable option for their preferences. Bolsa Social primarily focuses on industries such as startups, SMEs, sustainability, green energy, and social causes. This diverse range of industries ensures that investors have various investment opportunities to choose from, while also promoting social and environmental benefits. The platform is available in both English and Spanish, making it accessible to a wider audience. With a minimum investment requirement of 50 euros, anyone can participate and contribute to social impact projects. Although the advertised return is not specified, investors on Bolsa Social can potentially earn up to 8% return on their investment. This attractive return rate may appeal to individuals looking for both financial and social returns. Investment restrictions exist based on investor categorization. "Non-accredited" investors are limited to a maximum investment of €3,000 per project or €10,000 per year across different projects. On the other hand, accredited investors face no such limitations, enabling them to invest without any restrictions on the amount or number of projects. Overall, Bolsa Social provides a platform for investors to contribute to ventures with a positive social impact. With its diverse industry focus and various investment options, the platform offers opportunities for individuals with different investment preferences and financial capacities to make a difference.