Social cause Crowdfunding platforms in Finland


logo platform is a crowdfunding platform based in Finland that focuses on social causes and donations. Founded in 2012, the platform enables individuals and corporations to invest in various projects and initiatives that aim to make a positive impact within local communities. The platform supports a wide range of industries, including backing artists, supporting movie productions, neighborhood improvements, organizing kids clubs, investing in innovative start-ups, and even joining a collective to start a village bakery. provides a platform for individuals and organizations with inspiring ideas to present their concepts and find funding from the community. The website is available in both English and Suomi, making it accessible to a broader audience. To participate, the minimum investment required is 20 EUR, ensuring that anyone can contribute to projects that resonate with them. While the platform does not advertise any specific return on investment, the focus is primarily on supporting social causes rather than financial gains. welcomes both personal and corporate investors, allowing individuals, as well as businesses, to engage in impactful projects. By connecting individuals with innovative ideas to potential investors, plays a crucial role in fostering social change and community development in Finland.

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