Social cause Crowdfunding platforms in Denmark


logo platform is Denmark's leading reward-based crowdfunding platform, established in 2011. It operates as a means for individuals and businesses to support social causes and innovative projects. With a strong focus on encouraging positive changes in society, provides a platform for various types of initiatives to access funding. The platform supports projects from individuals or organizations that aim to make a social impact. is committed to fostering a community of contributors who share the vision of creating a better future. Through crowdfunding, it allows these projects to gain financial support from a wide range of backers. Although primarily operating in Danish, is easily accessible for users in Denmark and beyond. The website,, acts as a hub for crowdfunding campaigns, providing information and updates about ongoing and upcoming projects. One key feature of is its accessibility, as it allows investments starting from just 1 EUR. While the platform does not advertise a specific return on investment, it offers a sense of fulfillment by allowing individuals and organizations to contribute to projects that can lead to positive social change. Furthermore, is expanding its services beyond reward-based crowdfunding. As of August 2022, the platform will also offer crowdfunding loans (crowdlending), providing additional financial opportunities for projects looking for alternative funding options. welcomes both personal and corporate investors, allowing a diverse range of individuals and businesses to contribute. By providing a platform for social causes and innovative projects, contributes to the growth and advancement of Danish society.

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