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Crowd2Fund is a crowdfunding platform based in the United Kingdom that offers various investment options to individuals. Founded in 2014, it provides opportunities for equity, debt, peer-to-peer lending, and reward-based investments. The platform primarily targets small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as the industry it serves. One of the unique aspects of Crowd2Fund is that it allows investors to choose the British entrepreneurs they want to support. This feature sets it apart from other investment platforms in the UK. Since its establishment, Crowd2Fund has paid out over £6 million in interest to investors from more than 617 distinct investment opportunities, showcasing its success and reliability. The platform's website, available in English, provides all the necessary information and resources for potential investors. To get started, a minimum investment of £100 is required, enabling investors with various financial backgrounds to participate. Crowd2Fund advertises a return range of 6-18%, offering investors potentially attractive returns on their investments. Crowd2Fund caters to both retail and accredited investors, ensuring that individuals with different investment requirements and experience levels can participate. Whether one is new to investing or an established investor, Crowd2Fund offers a diverse range of investment opportunities that can suit different preferences and risk appetites. Overall, Crowd2Fund is a pioneering crowdfunding platform in the United Kingdom, bridging the gap between investors and exceptional British entrepreneurs in need of financial support.