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Yes We Farm

Yes We Farm is a crowdfunding platform based in Switzerland, specializing in reward-based investments for social causes in the agriculture and alimentation industry. Founded in 2018, it aims to support quality projects in this sector. The platform's website, available in French, English, and German, allows easy access and engagement for a broad range of users. As a reward-based crowdfunding platform, Yes We Farm offers a unique investment model. While the advertised return on investment is not specified, investors can contribute with a minimum investment as low as 1 EUR. This low entry point allows everyone, regardless of financial capacity, to participate and contribute towards supporting agricultural and food-related initiatives in Switzerland. Yes We Farm prides itself on its successful track record in supporting crowdfunding campaigns. By focusing on quality projects, the platform has effectively attracted investors and achieved a good rate of success. This track record gives confidence to potential investors by showcasing the platform's ability to effectively vet and support worthwhile projects that align with social and environmental values. Overall, Yes We Farm is an innovative crowdfunding platform that provides the opportunity for everyone to support social causes in the agriculture and alimentation industry. With its user-friendly website, multiple language options, and low minimum investment, it aims to create an inclusive platform that empowers individuals to make a meaningful impact.

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