Reward Crowdfunding platforms in Norway


logo platform is a reward-based crowdfunding platform established in 2015 and based in Oslo, Norway. They cater to the sports industry, allowing athletes to raise funds for their endeavors. The platform operates both domestically and internationally, serving customers globally. As a Crowdfunding Technology Company, Sponsor International provides a B2B solution, enabling others to utilize their crowdfunding technology. In addition, they run their own B2C brand, This brand focuses on providing a reward-based crowdfunding platform specifically designed for athletes. The website,, is the online platform through which individuals and corporations can contribute funds to athletes' campaigns. The platform supports the Norwegian language, reflecting its origin, and is accessible to both personal and corporate investors. does not specify the minimum investment amount, indicating that contributors can invest as little as they desire. However, the advertised return on investment is not provided. Overall, offers a user-friendly platform for athletes to raise funds for their sports-related pursuits. By connecting athletes with potential sponsors, the platform assists in creating opportunities and achieving financial goals.