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Solar Green Point

Anyone can invest in Solar Green Point, regardless of their location or background. The crowdfunding platform allows individuals to contribute as little as 1 EUR towards various collective solar power projects in the Netherlands. Founded in 2012 by Stan Verheijen and Richard Bevelander, Solar Green Point aims to make solar power accessible and affordable to a wider audience. The platform operates in the green energy industry, reflecting its commitment to promoting clean and renewable energy sources. By investing in Solar Green Point, individuals can support the transition to a more sustainable future while also potentially benefiting from the rewards offered by each project. However, the specific advertised return for investors is not provided on the platform, suggesting that the financial aspect may not be the main focus. Solar Green Point's website, available in multiple languages, provides detailed information on each project, allowing potential investors to make informed decisions. The minimum investment amount is relatively low, allowing for greater participation and inclusivity. Overall, Solar Green Point offers individuals an opportunity to contribute to the growth of the green energy sector in the Netherlands and promote a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Industry:Green energy