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Fund it

Fund it is a crowdfunding platform based in Ireland that was founded in 2010. It operates as an all-island website, enabling individuals to support creative projects in Ireland. The platform is run by Business to Arts, a not-for-profit organization that aims to promote resilience and sustainability in the arts sector. Fund it focuses on the reward-based investment model, where supporters receive a reward or perk in return for their financial contribution. The platform specifically caters to projects within the art industry. It offers a wide range of creative projects for individuals to choose from, allowing them to support artistic ventures such as films, music albums, exhibitions, and other artistic endeavors. The platform primarily operates in the English language and has a website,, where users can access information about the projects available for investment. The minimum investment on Fund it is 1 EUR, making it accessible to a wide range of contributors. While the advertised return for investments on Fund it is not specified, the platform provides an avenue for personal and cooperative investors to support Irish art projects and help turn good ideas into reality. Fund it serves as a crucial platform for artists and creatives to gain financial support and reach a wider audience who are passionate about supporting the art industry in Ireland.