Real estate Crowdfunding platforms in Norway


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Kameo is a crowdfunding platform based in Norway that specializes in peer-to-peer lending in the real estate industry. Founded in 2014, it offers a digital marketplace for investors seeking to fund loans for small businesses and property developers. By providing Scandinavian investors with access to a new and attractive asset class, Kameo aims to offer them a unique investment opportunity. The platform is available in both English and Norwegian, catering to a wide range of users. Interested investors can find more information and access the platform through Kameo's website at The minimum investment required to participate is set at 500 EUR, allowing individuals with different financial capacities to contribute. Although the specific return rates on investments are not advertised on the website, Kameo provides a platform for investors to lend money to small businesses and property developers, allowing them to pursue their projects and generate returns. Kameo accepts investments from both personal and corporate investors, offering a diverse range of opportunities for individuals and businesses alike to contribute to crowdfunded loans. This inclusive approach allows a broader base of investors to participate in funding small businesses and real estate developments. Overall, Kameo serves as an innovative crowdfunding platform, providing opportunities for Scandinavian investors to diversify their portfolios through P2P lending in the real estate industry.

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FundingPartner is a crowdfunding platform based in Norway. Founded in 2016, it facilitates peer-to-peer lending for small and medium-sized companies in the real estate and SME industries. The platform exclusively operates in the Norwegian market and primarily caters to individuals and corporate entities. FundingPartner focuses on connecting businesses in need of financing with Norwegian lenders who are willing to lend money in exchange for an interest rate ranging from 5% to 15%. The platform ensures that all loan applications undergo a thorough analysis by a team of analysts with extensive backgrounds in finance and consulting. The platform's website, available in Norwegian, provides a user-friendly interface for borrowers and lenders to interact and participate in the lending process. With a minimum investment requirement of 1,000 EUR, FundingPartner enables lenders to diversify their investment portfolios by lending directly to local businesses. Although the advertised return is not specified, lenders can expect to earn interest on their investments as agreed upon with the borrowing companies. This allows lenders to generate income while supporting the growth and development of Norwegian businesses. Overall, FundingPartner offers a convenient and secure crowdfunding platform for both borrowers and lenders in Norway, facilitating P2P lending within the real estate and SME sectors.

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Monio is a crowdfunding platform based in Norway that specializes in P2P lending within the real estate industry. Founded in 2014, the platform connects property developers looking for capital with investors seeking a good return on their investment. Monio acts as an intermediary by mediating loans between these two parties and handling payments. The platform focuses on promoting investments in real estate projects, allowing investors to contribute towards the development and growth of these ventures. By providing a digital platform, Monio makes it easy for property developers with growth ambitions to find the necessary capital and for investors to access real estate investment opportunities. Monio operates primarily in Norway, with its website available in the Norwegian language. The minimum investment amount on the platform is 1,000 EUR, making it accessible to both personal and corporate investors. While the specific advertised return on investment is not stated, Monio emphasizes the potential for a good return, indicating that investors can expect favorable returns on their contributions to real estate projects. Overall, Monio offers a convenient and accessible platform for individuals and businesses in Norway to invest in real estate projects through P2P lending, facilitating capital flow between property developers and investors.

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Oblinor is a crowdfunding platform based in Norway that focuses on P2P lending in the real estate industry. Founded in 2018, Oblinor offers a digital platform that allows investors and project owners to connect and enter into agreements directly. As a non-banking institution, Oblinor provides a safe and flexible environment for investors and project owners to collaborate. The platform is exclusively available in Norwegian, targeting individuals and legal entities who possess a Norwegian bank account and BankID. This requirement ensures that the users are verified and of legal age, at least 18 years or above. Oblinor promotes transparency and accessibility by setting a low minimum investment amount of 1 Norwegian Krone. However, the advertised return on investment is not disclosed on their website. By leveraging the power of crowdfunding, Oblinor empowers individuals and businesses to participate in the real estate market and generate financing options. Through their platform, investors have an opportunity to diversify their portfolio and support real estate projects they believe in, while project owners gain access to funding from a broader pool of interested parties. Overall, Oblinor's digital lending platform offers a unique solution in the Norwegian crowdfunding landscape, enabling direct agreements between investors and project owners in a secure and flexible manner.