Real estate Crowdfunding platforms in Luxembourg


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Raizers is a crowdfunding platform founded in 2014 with operations in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and Switzerland, primarily focused on the real estate industry. The platform offers investment opportunities in the form of debt financing, allowing individuals and professionals to lend money to real estate developers. By doing so, Raizers aims to provide access to investment opportunities that were traditionally only available to institutional investors. The platform operates in both French and English, making it accessible to a wider range of investors. With a minimum investment requirement of 1,000 EUR, Raizers aims to cater to a diverse pool of investors, including both physical and legal entities. In terms of returns, Raizers advertises a return rate of 0.099, offering potential profitability for investors. Since its inception, the platform has facilitated investments worth over €115 million, highlighting its success in attracting both investors and real estate developers. Overall, Raizers fills the gap between retail investors and real estate development projects, allowing individuals and professionals to participate in the real estate market with a relatively low minimum investment threshold. By providing opportunities in the real estate sector, Raizers contributes to democratizing investment in this industry.

Industry:Real estate