Real estate Crowdfunding platforms in Ireland


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Lendermarket is a crowdfunding platform based in Ireland that specializes in P2P lending. The platform allows individuals and institutions from around the world to invest in loans issued by digital consumer finance companies in various European countries. Lendermarket primarily focuses on three industries: real estate, SME, and personal loans. Founded in 2019, Lendermarket offers its services in multiple languages, including English, French, German, and Spanish. The platform's website provides more details about its operations and investment opportunities. Investors can start with a minimum investment of 10 EUR and enjoy an advertised return of 15.26%. Lendermarket emphasizes the careful selection of loan issuers to ensure the quality and reliability of investment opportunities. Lendermarket welcomes both individual investors and companies to participate in their platform. Individual investors need to meet certain criteria, such as being at least 18 years old, having a personal bank account in the European Economic Area, UK, or Switzerland, and completing a successful identity verification process. Organizations, including family trusts, partnerships, and limited liability companies, are required to have a bank account in the EEA, UK, or Switzerland. Potential investors should review the dropdown menu in the registration form to confirm if their country of residency and tax residency is included in the platform's offerings.

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Initiative Ireland

Initiative Ireland is a crowdfunding platform based in Ireland that focuses on peer-to-peer lending in the real estate industry. Founded in 2015, the platform provides fast and flexible development finance to facilitate the construction of private, social, and affordable housing developments throughout Ireland. The platform primarily operates in English and offers a minimum investment requirement of 500 EUR. While the advertised return is not specified, investors can expect to earn returns on their investments. Initiative Ireland extends its services to both personal and corporate entities, allowing a wide range of individuals and organizations to participate in their crowdfunding campaigns. By providing investment opportunities in the real estate sector, the platform offers investors the chance to support the growth of the housing market in Ireland while potentially earning financial returns on their investments. With a focus on supporting the delivery of various types of housing developments, Initiative Ireland aligns its work with social and affordable housing initiatives. By enabling individuals and businesses to invest in these projects, the platform plays a vital role in addressing housing needs across the country. To learn more about Initiative Ireland and participate in their crowdfunding campaigns, interested individuals and organizations can visit their website at

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Spark Сrowdfunding

Spark Crowdfunding is Ireland's premier equity crowdfunding platform, established in 2017. Operating in the real estate industry, the company provides a unique opportunity for investors to engage in peer-to-peer lending and equity investment. With its headquarters located in Dublin city center, Spark Crowdfunding offers a localized solution for Irish investors and companies seeking capital. Designed to facilitate investments in a wide range of Irish companies at different stages of development, Spark Crowdfunding aims to boost the growth of the local economy and support the expansion of businesses across various industries. By linking investors with entrepreneurs, the platform acts as a bridge between both parties, enabling investors to diversify their portfolios and entrepreneurs to obtain the necessary funding for their ventures. Spark Crowdfunding's user-friendly website serves as a hub for investors to explore investment opportunities and participate with as little as 100 EUR. While the specific returns on investments are not currently available, investors have the chance to be part of the exciting growth potential offered by Irish businesses. The platform is open to a wide range of investors, democratizing investment opportunities and catering to different investment strategies and risk appetites. With an inclusive approach, Spark Crowdfunding aims to empower individuals and organizations to contribute to the growth of the Irish economy. Overall, Spark Crowdfunding provides a trusted and accessible platform for investors to generate meaningful returns while supporting the development of Irish companies, making it a valuable asset in the crowdfunding landscape.

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Flender is a crowdfunding platform based in Ireland that specializes in peer-to-peer lending for the real estate industry. The platform was founded in 2017 and aims to help businesses raise finance quickly and efficiently. Flender offers same-day confirmation on loans and transfers funds to borrowers within 24 hours, making it an attractive option for businesses in need of immediate financing. The platform primarily focuses on lending loans ranging from €15,000 to €300,000, providing flexibility to meet various financial needs within the real estate sector. However, the advertised return on investments is not explicitly mentioned, so interested investors may need to gather more information on potential returns through the website. Flender provides an opportunity for individuals to invest in real estate projects without having to commit significant capital. The minimum investment required to participate is relatively low, starting at just €50, making it accessible for a wide range of investors. While the exact languages supported by the platform are not specified, it can be assumed that Flender is available in English, given that it operates in Ireland and primarily targets businesses within the country. In summary, Flender is a crowdfunding platform in Ireland that focuses on peer-to-peer lending for the real estate industry. With its efficient loan confirmation process and quick transfer of funds, it offers a convenient solution for businesses seeking financing. Additionally, its low minimum investment requirement makes it accessible to a broad range of investors.

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Property Bridges

Property Bridges is a crowdfunding platform located in Ireland that specializes in P2P lending for the real estate industry. Established in 2018, the platform is an online property finance marketplace that utilizes technology to connect experienced property developers with intelligent lenders. The objective is to streamline the property finance process, making it faster, more efficient, and reliable. Although the exact languages supported by the platform are not mentioned, it provides a website for users to access information and engage with the platform. Property Bridges caters to a broad range of investors, allowing individuals with a minimum investment of 100 EUR to participate. Details about the advertised return are not available, but the platform focuses on bringing property developers and lenders together, suggesting the potential for profitable investment opportunities. With its goal of becoming a major player in the property financing sector, Property Bridges aims to provide investors with a trustworthy and accessible platform to support the real estate projects of experienced developers. Overall, Property Bridges offers a modern and tech-savvy solution for property financing in Ireland, connecting investors with opportunities in the real estate industry.