Personal loans Crowdfunding platforms in Switzerland


Cashare is a crowdfunding platform based in Switzerland that specializes in P2P lending. Founded in 2008, it is the first disruptive FinTech company in the country and has since become the largest and fastest growing crowdlending platform. Cashare caters to various investment types such as real estate, SME, and personal loans. This diverse range of industries allows investors to choose projects that align with their interests and risk tolerance. Whether individuals are looking to invest in property development, small business ventures, or personal financial needs, Cashare provides a platform for borrowers and investors to connect and facilitate loan transactions. The minimum investment required on Cashare is 100 EUR, making it accessible to a wide range of investors. Unfortunately, the advertised return on investment is not specified, meaning that potential investors may need to conduct further research to determine if the platform meets their financial goals. Overall, Cashare offers a user-friendly website where investors can browse through various loan opportunities and make informed investment decisions. While detailed information on the platform's language options is not provided, it aims to cater to a broader international audience. Investing on Cashare is open to both individual and institutional investors, contributing to the platform's growth and success in the Swiss crowdfunding industry.

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Creditfolio is a crowdfunding platform based in Switzerland that specializes in peer-to-peer lending for personal loans. It was founded in 2016 and has been active since 2017. The platform is designed to facilitate quick and easy loan applications for individuals, offering them attractive terms and conditions. Creditfolio primarily focuses on personal and consumer loans, aiming to connect borrowers with private investors. The platform operates exclusively in German, catering to the local market. With a minimum investment requirement of only 1 EUR, Creditfolio makes it accessible for both personal and corporate investors to participate in P2P lending. However, the specific advertised return on investments is not provided. The website for Creditfolio is where users can find comprehensive information about the platform and its services. Although the exact terms and conditions are not specified, Creditfolio promises competitive rates on the loans it facilitates. By providing a user-friendly interface and efficient loan processing, Creditfolio aims to make borrowing and lending funds a seamless experience for individuals and businesses in Switzerland.