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MICROWD is a crowdfunding platform based in Spain that specializes in offering debt-based investment opportunities within the personal loans industry. Established in 2015, the platform aims to support women entrepreneurs in Latin America in launching or enhancing their businesses. MICROWD operates primarily in Spanish and English languages and can be accessed through their website, which is located at Investors on the MICROWD platform can contribute as little as 50 EUR as a minimum investment. The platform advertises a return rate of 0.07, providing an opportunity for financial gain. However, MICROWD differentiates itself by promoting its dedication to also creating a social impact. MICROWD welcomes investors from all over the world, allowing them to invest in Euros or US Dollars. This inclusive approach ensures that any citizen can participate and support women entrepreneurs in Latin America. In summary, MICROWD is a Spanish crowdfunding platform that focuses on debt-based investments in the personal loans industry. Founded in 2015, the platform's website is available in both Spanish and English. With a minimum investment of 50 EUR, investors can expect a return rate of 0.07. MICROWD's unique selling point lies in its commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs in Latin America while also offering financial opportunities to its investors, irrespective of their nationality.