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Solcredit is a crowdfunding platform based in Poland and was founded in 2011. It operates in the P2P lending industry, specifically focusing on personal loans. The platform is available to individuals in multiple countries on three continents through its group of subsidiaries. Solcredit has gained significant popularity since its inception and has facilitated over 100,000 loans, with a total value exceeding $300 million as of 2015. The platform aims to connect borrowers with investors, allowing individuals to access the funds they need while providing an opportunity for investors to earn returns on their investment. Anyone can invest in Solcredit, with a minimum investment requirement of 100 PLN. However, the advertised return is not specified on the website. Solcredit's website,, provides a platform for borrowers to request loans and for investors to browse available loan opportunities. The website does not specify the languages in which it operates. Overall, Solcredit is a well-established crowdfunding platform that offers P2P lending services for personal loans. With its international reach and significant loan volume, it provides an opportunity for individuals to access much-needed funds while allowing investors to potentially earn returns on their investments.