Personal loans Crowdfunding platforms in Germany


logo platform is a crowdfunding platform based in Germany that focuses on P2P lending in the personal loans industry. The platform was founded in 2010 and is designed to provide borrowers with transparent access to suitable loans with favorable conditions. By submitting a single loan request, borrowers can receive a real-time digital overview of loan offers from over 20 banks that match their creditworthiness. This allows borrowers to easily compare rates and terms, ensuring they can make informed decisions and find the best loan option for their needs. While the information provided does not specify the available languages, likely supports multiple languages to cater to a diverse user base. The minimum investment amount on the platform is 1,000 EUR, indicating that investors can participate in P2P lending with a relatively low entry barrier. However, the advertised return on investment is not mentioned, so it is unclear what potential returns investors can expect. Overall, strives to provide a user-friendly crowdfunding platform that facilitates transparent and fair access to personal loans for borrowers, while also offering investment opportunities in P2P lending for interested investors in Germany.