Personal loans Crowdfunding platforms in Czech Republic

Reviews is a crowdfunding platform based in the Czech Republic that specializes in P2P lending for personal loans. Founded in 2014, it has been operating successfully in the market since 2010. The platform is available in both English and Czech, making it accessible to a wider range of potential investors. serves as an online auction platform, allowing individuals and corporations to provide and manage P2P loans. The platform is designed to connect borrowers in need of personal loans with lenders looking to invest their funds. With a minimum investment requirement of 5,000 EUR, the platform offers an opportunity for both personal and corporate investors to participate in P2P lending. The advertised return on investment is not specified, but offers a transparent and secure environment for investors to lend their funds. The platform is managed by professionals with extensive experience in banking and new technologies, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the lending process. Investors can take advantage of this crowdfunding platform to diversify their investment portfolio and potentially earn attractive returns through P2P lending in the personal loans industry. With its user-friendly website and availability in multiple languages, offers a convenient and accessible platform for both local and international investors interested in P2P lending opportunities in the Czech Republic.