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Afranga is a crowdfunding platform based in Bulgaria, founded in 2021. It operates in the P2P lending industry, specifically focusing on personal loans. The platform aims to democratize the financial services sector by facilitating a connection between lending companies and retail investors. Afranga's website, available in English, provides access to a global marketplace where individuals and businesses can invest in loans. The platform offers an innovative approach to crowdfunding, allowing investors to directly participate in the lending process. With a minimum investment requirement of 1,000 EUR, Afranga enables both personal and corporate investors to participate in the platform. However, the advertised return on investments is not specified. The platform's mission is to create an efficient marketplace that promotes inclusiveness in the financial sector. By allowing retail investors to access lending opportunities, Afranga offers an alternative investment avenue that was previously dominated by traditional financial institutions. Overall, Afranga is positioning itself as a global platform that provides individuals and businesses with the opportunity to invest in personal loans. Through its innovative approach and commitment to democratizing financial services, Afranga aims to bridge the gap between lending companies and retail investors.