Personal loans Crowdfunding platforms

As an investor, there are several ways to earn returns on your assets. In this way, it is possible to protect your assets from inflation or grow your assets so that you have more money for your plans in the future. One way to earn returns is crowdfunding.

Within peer-to-peer (P2P) crowdfunding, there are different forms of crowdfunding. Personal loan crowdfunding is one of them, and this form of crowdfunding is an interesting option for many investors. In this article, you can discover why personal loan crowdfunding is interesting and which crowdfunding platforms are suitable for growing your wealth.


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Lendermarket is a crowdfunding platform based in Ireland that specializes in P2P lending. The platform allows individuals and institutions from around the world to invest in loans issued by digital consumer finance companies in various European countries. Lendermarket primarily focuses on three industries: real estate, SME, and personal loans. Founded in 2019, Lendermarket offers its services in multiple languages, including English, French, German, and Spanish. The platform's website provides more details about its operations and investment opportunities. Investors can start with a minimum investment of 10 EUR and enjoy an advertised return of 15.26%. Lendermarket emphasizes the careful selection of loan issuers to ensure the quality and reliability of investment opportunities. Lendermarket welcomes both individual investors and companies to participate in their platform. Individual investors need to meet certain criteria, such as being at least 18 years old, having a personal bank account in the European Economic Area, UK, or Switzerland, and completing a successful identity verification process. Organizations, including family trusts, partnerships, and limited liability companies, are required to have a bank account in the EEA, UK, or Switzerland. Potential investors should review the dropdown menu in the registration form to confirm if their country of residency and tax residency is included in the platform's offerings.

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Lonvest is a crowdfunding platform based in Croatia that specializes in P2P lending in the personal loans industry. Founded in the year 2023, Lonvest offers its services in the English language, making it accessible to a wide range of investors. The platform provides individuals with an opportunity to earn passive income by investing in a diverse portfolio of loans from across the globe. With Lonvest, investors can start investing with a minimum investment of just 10 EUR, making it accessible to investors with different budgets. Lonvest offers an advertised return of 0.13, allowing investors to potentially earn a competitive return on their investments. By connecting investors with borrowers, the platform enables individuals to support and fund personal loans while earning a profit. The Lonvest website, accessible at, provides a user-friendly interface for investors to browse and choose from various loan options for investment. Lonvest is open to anyone interested in investing and earning passive income, making it accessible to both experienced and novice investors. By providing a platform for P2P lending, Lonvest aims to empower individuals to grow their wealth through global lending opportunities.

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Monestro is a crowdfunding platform based in Estonia that specializes in peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. It was founded in 2014 and operates in the SME and personal loans industry. The platform allows investors to directly connect with borrowers, eliminating the need for intermediaries. Investors on Monestro can make bids on loans based on real market conditions. They also have the opportunity to ask borrowers questions and access the secondary market. The minimum investment required is 10 EUR and the advertised return is 0.13. Monestro's website is available in multiple languages, including English, German, Estonian, and French. The platform is open to both individuals and companies, with certain eligibility criteria. Individual investors must be at least 18 years old and citizens or permanent residents of the European Economic Area or Switzerland. They are also required to have a bank account in the European Economic Area and have their identity successfully verified by Monestro. For companies, family trusts, partnerships, and other organizations, a bank account and registration in the European Economic Area or Switzerland are mandatory. However, UK citizens, residents, or taxpayers are currently not eligible to invest on Monestro. Overall, Monestro provides a user-friendly P2P lending platform for investors to support SMEs and personal loans, while also offering transparency and accessibility features such as the secondary market and direct interaction with borrowers.

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Bona Fides Invest

Any individual or organization from around the world can invest through Bona Fides Invest. The platform offers a wide range of investment types including equity, debt, P2P lending, reward-based crowdfunding, donation-based crowdfunding, and mini-bonds. Bona Fides Invest caters to multiple industries, making it suitable for investments in real estate, startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), sustainability projects, litigation funding, green energy initiatives, health and science ventures, logistics projects, personal loans, art campaigns, mortgages, social causes, education, farming, sports, and maritime ventures. Established in 2014 and based in Croatia, Bona Fides Invest has a user-friendly website that provides information in multiple languages, including Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, and Swedish. With a minimum investment of just 1 EUR, Bona Fides Invest aims to make crowdfunding accessible to a wide range of investors, from individuals to institutions. The platform offers an advertised return of 0.04. In summary, Bona Fides Invest is an EU-based fintech platform that facilitates crowdfunding for individuals and organizations worldwide. With its diverse range of investment options and industry presence, it offers opportunities for investors to support and fund projects in various sectors.

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Finbee is a crowdfunding platform based in Lithuania, founded in 2015, that specializes in peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. It provides individuals and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) with the opportunity to borrow and invest money. The platform aims to establish itself as the leading P2P lending company in Lithuania. Finbee facilitates financial transactions between investors and borrowers through its payment partner, JSC “Elek... Read more." This ensures a secure and efficient process. Investors who wish to participate on Finbee must meet certain criteria. They must have a bank account in one of the European Economic Area (EEA) countries, be at least 18 years old, and possess a valid personal document such as an ID card or passport (driver's license is not accepted). This ensures that investors meet the necessary legal requirements to participate in the platform. The minimum investment amount on Finbee is 5 EUR, making it accessible to a wide range of investors. The platform also offers an advertised return of 14.9%, potentially providing attractive investment opportunities. The website is available in English, making it accessible to a broader international audience. This allows investors from different countries to participate and diversify their investment portfolio. In summary, Finbee is an established crowdfunding platform in Lithuania, offering P2P lending opportunities in the SME and personal loan industries. Its user-friendly website, minimum investment requirement, and attractive returns make it an appealing option for investors looking to participate in the crowdfunding market.

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MICROWD is a crowdfunding platform based in Spain that specializes in offering debt-based investment opportunities within the personal loans industry. Established in 2015, the platform aims to support women entrepreneurs in Latin America in launching or enhancing their businesses. MICROWD operates primarily in Spanish and English languages and can be accessed through their website, which is located at Investors on the MICROWD platform can contribute as little as 50 EUR as a minimum investment. The platform advertises a return rate of 0.07, providing an opportunity for financial gain. However, MICROWD differentiates itself by promoting its dedication to also creating a social impact. MICROWD welcomes investors from all over the world, allowing them to invest in Euros or US Dollars. This inclusive approach ensures that any citizen can participate and support women entrepreneurs in Latin America. In summary, MICROWD is a Spanish crowdfunding platform that focuses on debt-based investments in the personal loans industry. Founded in 2015, the platform's website is available in both Spanish and English. With a minimum investment of 50 EUR, investors can expect a return rate of 0.07. MICROWD's unique selling point lies in its commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs in Latin America while also offering financial opportunities to its investors, irrespective of their nationality.

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Unbolted P2P for Luxury Assets

Unbolted P2P for Luxury Assets is a crowdfunding platform based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2015, the platform offers P2P lending opportunities in the personal loans industry. With a focus on luxury assets, Unbolted allows individuals to invest in loans backed by high-value possessions held by the platform. The platform primarily operates in English, making it accessible to a wide range of investors. Their website, located at, provides comprehensive information about their services, investment options, and terms. One of the notable features of Unbolted is its low minimum investment requirement of just 1 EUR, allowing investors with different budgets to participate. The platform advertises a return of 0.09, which implies a potential yield on investments. Investing on Unbolted provides an opportunity to earn a favorable return on investment by lending against luxury assets, thus diversifying one's investment portfolio. Unbolted welcomes investors from various backgrounds, providing an inclusive investment environment. Whether individuals are new to crowdfunding or experienced investors, Unbolted offers a platform for individuals looking to lend against luxury assets and potentially earn competitive returns. Overall, Unbolted P2P for Luxury Assets is a UK-based crowdfunding platform that facilitates P2P lending in the personal loans industry. With its focus on luxury assets and inclusive investment options, the platform offers an attractive opportunity for individuals of all backgrounds to invest and diversify their portfolios.

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Brickfy is an Estonian crowdfunding platform founded in 2019. It offers various investment types including equity, debt, and peer-to-peer lending. The platform caters to different industries such as real estate, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), personal loans, and mortgages. One of the standout features of Brickfy is its ability to facilitate portfolio diversification for investors. Not only does it allow diversification across different platforms, but it also enables diversification across different asset classes, including lending, equity, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and cryptocurrency. This provides investors with a broader range of investment opportunities and the ability to spread their risk across different assets. Brickfy operates in English, making it accessible to a wider international audience. The platform has a minimum investment requirement of just 5 EUR, making it attractive to both retail investors and accredited investors. It advertises a return rate of 0.12, which could potentially generate attractive returns for investors. Overall, Brickfy aims to be a "Platform of Platforms" that addresses the needs of investors looking for diversified investment opportunities across various asset classes and industries. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of investment options, it offers a convenient platform for both experienced and novice investors to participate in crowdfunding. To learn more, interested individuals can visit the Brickfy website at

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Fagura is a crowdfunding platform based in Moldova that specializes in P2P lending. Founded in 2019, Fagura focuses primarily on providing funding for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as personal loans. The platform aims to serve as the first community digital bank in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region, offering convenient and instant options for borrowing, investing, and transferring money. Fagura is accessible to investors from both the European Union (EU) and Moldova (MD). The platform provides an opportunity for individuals to contribute to various lending projects with a minimum investment of just 25 EUR. Through Fagura, investors can enjoy an advertised return of 0.17, which presents a potential opportunity to earn a favorable return on their investments. The platform caters to a diverse audience, offering its services in both Romanian and English languages. This ensures accessibility and ease of use for individuals from different backgrounds and regions. Fagura's primary focus on P2P lending makes it an attractive platform for investors looking to support SMEs and individuals seeking personal loans. By connecting borrowers with investors, Fagura helps foster economic growth and development within the CEE region. Overall, Fagura offers a user-friendly crowdfunding platform that facilitates P2P lending, with the ultimate goal of establishing a community-driven digital bank.

logo platform is a crowdfunding platform based in Germany that focuses on P2P lending in the personal loans industry. The platform was founded in 2010 and is designed to provide borrowers with transparent access to suitable loans with favorable conditions. By submitting a single loan request, borrowers can receive a real-time digital overview of loan offers from over 20 banks that match their creditworthiness. This allows borrowers to easily compare rates and terms, ensuring they can make informed decisions and find the best loan option for their needs. While the information provided does not specify the available languages, likely supports multiple languages to cater to a diverse user base. The minimum investment amount on the platform is 1,000 EUR, indicating that investors can participate in P2P lending with a relatively low entry barrier. However, the advertised return on investment is not mentioned, so it is unclear what potential returns investors can expect. Overall, strives to provide a user-friendly crowdfunding platform that facilitates transparent and fair access to personal loans for borrowers, while also offering investment opportunities in P2P lending for interested investors in Germany.

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Kviku Finance

Kviku Finance is a crowdfunding platform based in Cyprus that offers peer-to-peer lending opportunities. The platform specializes in providing loans to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) as well as personal loans. It was founded in 2013 and is a part of the Kviku Group, an international financial holding company that collaborates with consumer lenders in both Europe and Asia. Kviku Finance welcomes investors from both natural and legal persons. Natural persons must be of full legal capacity and possess a valid bank account within the European Union or in third countries that are acknowledged to have equivalent AML/CFT systems as the EU. Legal persons are also accepted as investors and must have a valid bank account within the European Union or in third countries meeting the equivalent AML/CFT criteria. The minimum investment amount to participate on the Kviku Finance platform is 100 EUR. The platform advertises a return rate of 0.12, which refers to the investment yield or interest rate that investors can expect to earn. To learn more about Kviku Finance and start investing, individuals can visit their website at The platform provides an opportunity for investors to support SMEs and individuals while potentially earning returns on their investments.

What is personal loan crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a financing method, where investors provide loans for individuals or companies in need of a loan. This innovative way of financing is possible because supply and demand meet on crowdfunding platforms. On these platforms, multiple investors can invest in a loan and together lend the requested amount to the borrower.

Why invest in personal loans?

Investing in personal loans can be an interesting investment for investors for several reasons. For example, this investment can ensure that you diversify your portfolio and your entire portfolio has less risk as a result. In addition, the returns are also interesting. Personal loan crowdfunding brings relatively high returns and you usually do not see these returns in traditional markets. For example, returns in savings accounts and for bonds are relatively low, but returns of 10% in personal loan crowdfunding are average.

What are the best personal loan crowdfunding platforms?

When you decide to invest in personal loans, finding the right crowdfunding platform can be a time-consuming task. There are a huge number of different platforms where borrowers and lenders find each other. In the text below, you can discover five different crowdfunding platforms that provide personal loans. Find out why these platforms are a suitable choice and which platform suits your investment strategy!


In the field of crowdfunding, Bondster is considered one of the fastest-growing platforms in Europe. Through this crowdfunding marketplace, it is possible for investors to invest in loans in Europe. This Czech platform is suitable for investors from different countries and therefore popular among investors from all over Europe. Bondster can also be a suitable option for investors outside of Europe, provided you have a bank account in the name of a company registered within the EU.

Most activities on Bondster's platform are free of charge. For example, you can manage your account for free, receive incoming payments, and invest in crowdfunding projects. Bondster has a secondary market, where loans can be traded. When you use this market, you will be charged a fee. Per loan sold, 0.5% is charged by Bondster and you only have to pay this amount when your loan is sold.


Another popular European personal loan crowdfunding platform is Monestro. This lending platform is based in Estonia and allows investors to earn returns by lending money peer-to-peer. Parties in need of a loan can apply and investors can view all approved applications and decide if they want to invest in the particular loan.

The average gross return on Monestro is 26%. A very high percentage, which is a lot more attractive than, say, the interest rate on a savings account or investing in bonds. Returns can be higher or lower than the average return and this is due to the type of loan and the borrower's credit score.

Monestro also has a secondary marketplace, where investors can buy and sell loans. This is a hugely useful feature when you want more liquidity or want to adjust your investment strategy. The secondary marketplace keeps investing flexible and ensures you don't miss out on new opportunities.

Unbolted P2P

One crowdfunding platform that stands out from other platforms is Unbolted P2P. Investors can earn returns through this personal loans crowdfunding platform by lending money for loans used for luxury assets. Since 2015, Unbolted P2P has made it possible for investors and borrowers to find each other on this platform. In all these years, more than £49 million worth of loans have been made, created by partnering with the largest auction houses.

Through this platform, you can start earning returns as little as £1 as an investor. Most loans on this platform are for the short term of about 6 months. Here it is possible to earn 0.85% per month. If you lend money through this platform throughout the year, you can expect a return of over 10%, which is a relatively high return. The convenient thing about Unbolted P2P is that the loans come with collateral, as the money is used to buy assets.

An additional feature that investors can take advantage of on Unbolted P2P is Autolending. By using this feature, you can make investing a lot easier and your investment will be spread across different loans. This automatically spreads your risk, which is a very important factor when investing.


Swiss-based Cashare is a well-established FinTech company founded in 2008. As a result, this crowdfunding platform is among the older platforms and its wealth of experience gives additional confidence to investors. Through this platform, it is possible for investors to invest in different loans. For example, you can invest in social loans and peer-to-peer loans. These loans are applied for by individuals and companies, allowing you as an investor to spread your wealth through Cashare. By having a good mix of different types of loans, where the money is lent to different parties, it is possible to spread the risk.


The UK-based crowdfunding company Lendable is a crowdfunding platform that claims to make lending money effortless. This platform tries to make crowdfunding as easy as possible, for both investors and borrowers. The application process is therefore very simple, but this does not mean that the applications are any less reliable. Lendable does good research beforehand, looking at various aspects.

Through Lendable it is possible to invest in different forms of crowdfunding, which can be useful if you want to experiment with these different forms. Starting from £1000 it is already possible to invest in the different personal loans on Lendable. This crowdfunding platform has also been around for many years and can therefore be seen as a relatively reliable platform. Lendable was founded in 2014, which means that the personal loans platform has been active in crowdfunding for almost 10 years.