Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending platforms in Slovakia


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Crowdberry is a crowdfunding platform based in Slovakia that was founded in 2015. It offers various investment types including equity, debt, and peer-to-peer lending. The platform focuses on supporting startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), as well as projects related to sustainability, health and science, social causes, education, and sports. The platform is available in English, Slovak, and Czech languages, making it accessible to a wide range of investors. The minimum investment required is 5,000 EUR, enabling both small and large investors to participate. Crowdberry advertises attractive returns for investors. For debt investments, the platform offers a return ranging from 8% to 16%, while equity investments yield between 20% and 50% annually. This makes it an appealing option for individuals looking to diversify their investment portfolio and potentially earn high returns. The primary aim of Crowdberry is to support Czech and Slovak companies and real estate projects by allowing private investors to invest directly in these ventures. By doing so, Crowdberry aims to help these businesses create long-term value and thrive in the market. Anyone over the age of 18 can invest through Crowdberry, giving a wide range of investors the opportunity to contribute to the growth and success of Czech and Slovak enterprises. To learn more about the platform and explore investment opportunities, interested individuals can visit the Crowdberry website at

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Anyone can invest in Zltymelon as long as they are at least 18 years old and have a bank account within the European Union. The platform primarily caters to individuals looking to invest in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through peer-to-peer lending. Zltymelon was founded in 2012 in Slovakia and is a crowdfunding platform that aims to provide individuals with the opportunity to lend money directly to SMEs, bypassing traditional financial intermediaries. By eliminating unnecessary intermediaries, Zltymelon allows borrowers to access loans at more favorable terms, while investors can potentially earn higher returns on their investments. The platform attracts investors with a minimum investment requirement of 25 EUR, providing an accessible entry point for individuals looking to participate in P2P lending. However, the advertised return rate is not provided, so investors may not have a clear understanding of the potential returns they can expect. Zltymelon's website, available at, provides an online platform where investors can browse and select various SME projects to invest in. The platform is available in multiple languages, although the specific languages offered are not mentioned in the provided information. Overall, Zltymelon offers a crowdfunding platform that enables individuals to invest in SMEs through P2P lending, providing borrowers with more favorable loan terms and potentially offering investors a chance to increase their money's value.