Mini-bonds Crowdfunding platforms in Netherlands


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ZonnepanelenDelen is a crowdfunding platform based in the Netherlands that offers mini-bonds as an investment opportunity. The platform focuses on the green energy industry, specifically solar energy projects. Founded in 2014, ZonnepanelenDelen aims to connect solar energy projects with individuals and organizations who are interested in investing in them through a loan. One of the unique aspects of ZonnepanelenDelen is that it allows for investments starting from just 25 euros. This low minimum investment makes it accessible to a wide range of investors, including individual savers who may not typically have access to such investment opportunities. The platform offers an advertised return of around 3.5%, providing investors with an attractive potential return on their investment. It is worth noting that the annual interest rate is variable and dependent on various factors, ensuring potential flexibility for both investors and the solar energy projects. ZonnepanelenDelen's website provides comprehensive information about the platform and the investment opportunities available. Unfortunately, there is no information provided about the languages supported on the website. Overall, ZonnepanelenDelen offers an accessible and attractive investment option for individuals and organizations interested in supporting green energy projects in the Netherlands.