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Bettervest is a German crowdfunding platform founded in 2012 that focuses on financing energy efficiency projects. The platform offers equity and mini-bonds investment options to individuals interested in supporting green energy initiatives, health and science projects, social causes, education, and farming. One of the primary motivations behind Bettervest's establishment was to empower citizens to finance energy efficiency projects. The platform recognizes that energy efficiency not only saves money but also conserves resources and reduces CO2 emissions. Bettervest believes that the benefits of energy efficiency should not be limited to large corporations but also extend to individual investors. Bettervest's website is available in both German and English, making it accessible to a broader audience. The minimum investment amount on the platform is 50 EUR, allowing virtually anyone interested in supporting sustainable projects to participate. Advertised returns on investments range from 6% to 8%, providing potential financial benefits to investors in addition to supporting environmentally friendly initiatives. The platform's diverse range of investment opportunities includes projects in green energy, health and science, social causes, education, and farming. This broad selection allows investors to align their investments with their personal interests and values. Bettervest welcomes all individuals who wish to invest, emphasizing the inclusivity of their platform. By connecting investors with impactful projects, Bettervest aims to facilitate the transition to a more sustainable future.