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Villyz is a crowdfunding platform based in France that was founded in 2020. The platform offers various investment types, including equity, debt, and mini-bonds, providing investors with different options to support projects of their choice. Villyz focuses on supporting projects in the SME and social cause industries, aiming to contribute to the development of local communities and important public services. The platform is designed to allow citizens to invest in projects of general interest, including those related to communities, health establishments, local public companies, and companies with public shareholding. By investing in these projects, individuals can contribute to the advancement of future-oriented initiatives that are important to them. Villyz's website, available at, provides access to all necessary information and resources for potential investors. The platform has a low minimum investment requirement of 1 EUR, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals. Advertised returns on investments start from 1%, offering potential financial benefits to investors. To be eligible to invest on Villyz, individuals must be natural persons over the age of 18, domiciled in France for tax purposes, and must be registered on the Villyz site. This ensures that only valid and legitimate investors participate in supporting projects on the platform. Overall, Villyz provides a user-friendly crowdfunding platform that empowers individuals to invest in projects that align with their values and goals, contributing to the betterment of local communities and advancing important social causes in France.