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Marvest is a crowdfunding platform based in Hamburg, Germany. It was founded in 2018 and focuses on debt-based, peer-to-peer lending within the logistics and maritime industries. The platform aims to revolutionize the investment process by providing transparency and improved investment opportunities for its users. Marvest offers a unique investment experience, focusing specifically on maritime investments. By bringing together investors and maritime projects, the platform offers a first-of-its-kind crowd financing solution in this industry. The minimum investment on Marvest is 500 EUR, making it accessible to a wide range of investors. However, the advertised return is not provided, so potential investors may need to reach out to the platform for more information. One of Marvest's key goals is to provide transparency and better investment options for its users. By doing so, both investors and projects can benefit from a more efficient and effective investment process. The platform strives to differentiate itself from traditional financing methods and aims to bring positive changes to the maritime investment landscape. Although the languages supported by Marvest are not specified, the official website of the platform is available in English. In summary, Marvest is a German crowdfunding platform that specializes in debt-based, peer-to-peer lending for the logistics and maritime industries. It offers a unique investment experience and aims to bring transparency and improved investment opportunities to its users.