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Fongogo, founded in 2013, is Turkey's leading crowdfunding platform that provides digital financing as a service to startups and SMEs. Fongogo offers three types of investments: equity, reward, and donation. This allows a wide range of individuals to invest in various industries such as startups, SMEs, green energy, health & science, logistics, art, social causes, education, and farming. Fongogo aims to support these companies by providing them with the necessary funding to grow and succeed. The platform is available in the Turkish language and its website, fongogo.com, serves as the central hub for investors and entrepreneurs. The minimum investment required to participate on Fongogo is 10 EUR, making it accessible to individuals with different financial capacities. While the exact advertised return on investments is not mentioned, Fongogo offers a diverse range of investment options that can cater to different investor preferences. Whether individuals are looking for financial returns, rewards, or simply wish to support a cause, Fongogo provides a platform for them to invest in projects they believe in. Fongogo's mission is to facilitate digital financing and democratize the investment landscape, allowing anyone to invest in promising projects. With a focus on startups and SMEs, Fongogo plays a vital role in supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in Turkey.

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FinoMark is a crowdfunding platform based in Lithuania that offers P2P lending opportunities for various industries including real estate, startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), green energy, logistics, and mortgages. Founded in 2019, FinoMark aims to streamline the funding process and provide a more efficient and value-added solution for both fundraisers and investors. The platform is available in both English and Lithuanian languages, making it accessible to a wider range of users. FinoMark has a minimum investment requirement of 25 EUR, allowing individuals and corporations to participate in P2P lending. FinoMark advertises a return of 0.11, indicating the potential return on investment for participating in crowdfunding campaigns on the platform. This return rate may vary depending on the specific projects and investments made. The main focus of FinoMark is to help businesses achieve their financial goals by connecting them with investors interested in funding their projects. Through the platform, fundraisers can access capital from a diverse pool of investors, while investors can explore various investment opportunities and diversify their portfolio. Overall, FinoMark provides a user-friendly crowdfunding platform that enables both personal and corporate investors to participate in P2P lending for a range of industries, ultimately facilitating the growth and success of businesses in Lithuania. More information can be found on their website at https://www.finomark.lt/en/.

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Crowdbase is a crowdfunding platform based in Cyprus that offers investment opportunities in various industries such as real estate, startups, SMEs, green energy, health & science, logistics, social causes, education, farming, sport, and maritime. Founded in 2020, Crowdbase aims to provide businesses with an alternative source of capital and allow investors to access opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable to them. The platform supports both equity and debt crowdfunding, giving investors the flexibility to choose the type of investment that suits their preferences. By offering a diverse range of industries, Crowdbase aims to attract a wide base of investors who have different interests and investment goals. Crowdbase is available in two languages, English and Greek, catering to a wide range of potential investors. The platform's website, https://crowdbase.eu/en, provides detailed information on the projects available for investment. To make investing accessible to a larger audience, Crowdbase allows EEA residents to participate, meaning investors from various European countries can take advantage of the opportunities offered on the platform. The minimum investment required is relatively low, starting from 100 EUR. Although the exact advertised return is not specified, Crowdbase offers investors the potential to earn returns on their investments, providing an incentivizing opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios and support promising projects. Overall, Crowdbase offers an inclusive and diverse investment crowdfunding platform that connects businesses seeking capital with a wide range of potential investors.

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Weforsea is a crowdfunding platform based in the Netherlands that specializes in P2P lending for the maritime and logistics industry. Founded in 2013, Weforsea works in collaboration with its partner, Crowdpartners BV, to connect investors and borrowers in need of capital. With a minimum investment requirement of 250 EUR, Weforsea offers a range of investment opportunities in the maritime and fisheries sectors. However, the advertised return for these investments is not specified. The platform caters to a global audience, with no specific information provided about the languages supported by the website. This suggests that investors and borrowers from various countries can participate and benefit from the platform. Weforsea's focus on the maritime and logistics industry is supported by its background experience and expertise in these sectors. This specialization allows for targeted investment opportunities and a deeper understanding of the industry's unique needs and challenges. Overall, Weforsea presents itself as a crowdfunding platform that facilitates P2P lending for investors interested in supporting maritime and fisheries projects. With its transparent investment process and industry-specific expertise, Weforsea aims to connect investors with borrowers in need of capital for their ventures.

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Marvest is a crowdfunding platform based in Hamburg, Germany. It was founded in 2018 and focuses on debt-based, peer-to-peer lending within the logistics and maritime industries. The platform aims to revolutionize the investment process by providing transparency and improved investment opportunities for its users. Marvest offers a unique investment experience, focusing specifically on maritime investments. By bringing together investors and maritime projects, the platform offers a first-of-its-kind crowd financing solution in this industry. The minimum investment on Marvest is 500 EUR, making it accessible to a wide range of investors. However, the advertised return is not provided, so potential investors may need to reach out to the platform for more information. One of Marvest's key goals is to provide transparency and better investment options for its users. By doing so, both investors and projects can benefit from a more efficient and effective investment process. The platform strives to differentiate itself from traditional financing methods and aims to bring positive changes to the maritime investment landscape. Although the languages supported by Marvest are not specified, the official website of the platform is available in English. In summary, Marvest is a German crowdfunding platform that specializes in debt-based, peer-to-peer lending for the logistics and maritime industries. It offers a unique investment experience and aims to bring transparency and improved investment opportunities to its users.