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Zib Investments

Zib Investments is a crowdfunding platform based in the Netherlands that specializes in equity investments in the real estate and health & science industries. Founded in 2015, the platform has a strong track record of successful and innovative investment projects since 1999, having completed over 30 projects to date. With a focus on providing investment opportunities to both corporate and individual investors, Zib Investments has been able to attract a diverse base of over 2,500 investors. These investors have collectively contributed a substantial amount of capital, with over 900 million euros being invested in various projects in recent years. The platform offers a user-friendly website ( for investors to browse through the available investment opportunities and make informed investment decisions. The minimum investment amount on Zib Investments is set at 2,500 EUR, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals and organizations. Zib Investments advertises a competitive return on investment, with a projected return of 4-5% for investors. This attractive return, coupled with the platform's successful project history, makes it an appealing choice for those interested in investing in the real estate and health & science sectors. Zib Investments conducts its business primarily in the Dutch language, which caters to its local investor base. Overall, the platform offers a reliable and transparent crowdfunding solution for investors looking to invest in innovative projects in the Netherlands.