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Happy Capital

Happy Capital is a French crowdfunding platform that focuses on equity investments in the health and science industry. Founded in 2013, it serves as a venture builder, providing support to entrepreneurs in developing innovative ideas that provide smart solutions for the market. The platform handles the administrative and financial aspects of the company, ensuring a high level of compliance in operations. Happy Capital primarily operates in France and its website is available in French. The platform offers opportunities for individuals to invest in promising health and science projects with a minimum investment of 100 EUR. However, the advertised return on these investments is not specified. As a crowdfunding platform, Happy Capital enables individuals to become investors in startup companies within the health and science industry. By pooling together their resources, investors can contribute to the growth and development of these companies while potentially benefiting from financial returns in the long run. Happy Capital's focus on health and science projects highlights its commitment to supporting startups that aim to make a positive impact in these industries. Overall, the platform provides an avenue for individuals to contribute to the success of innovative ventures while potentially reaping the benefits of their investments.