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Spreds is a crowdfunding platform based in Belgium, founded in 2011. It offers investment opportunities in various industries including real estate, startups, SMEs, green energy, and health & science. The platform supports both equity and loan crowdfunding campaigns, specifically targeting projects aiming to raise funds between €50,000 and €1,000,000. Spreds works by connecting campaigns with multiple types of investors such as Business Angels (BAs), Venture Capitalists (VCs), Family Offices, Funds, and others. Private individuals as well as companies are eligible to invest on the platform. The platform supports three languages: English, Dutch, and French, making it accessible to a wide range of users. With a minimum investment requirement of €100, Spreds aims to make crowdfunding accessible to a diverse investor base. Unfortunately, the advertised return on investments is not specified, so potential investors might need to review individual campaign opportunities to understand the potential returns. Overall, provides a platform for individuals and companies in Belgium to invest in a range of industries, supporting both equity and loan crowdfunding campaigns. With its diverse investor network, it aims to facilitate fundraising for campaigns looking for larger funding amounts.