Green energy Crowdfunding platforms in Switzerland


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EcoCrowd is a crowdfunding platform that operates in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. It was founded in 2014 and primarily focuses on facilitating investment in green energy projects. The platform specifically caters to individuals and businesses seeking support for their sustainable ideas, as well as those interested in making sustainable projects a reality. EcoCrowd is the sustainable crowdfunding arm of the Deutschen Umweltstiftung, which further reinforces its commitment to environmentally-friendly initiatives. By providing a space for sustainable projects and start-ups to showcase their ideas, EcoCrowd aims to bring together like-minded individuals and businesses who are passionate about green energy and sustainable development. The platform is accessible in both German and English, ensuring that it can cater to a wider audience and attract potential investors from different linguistic backgrounds. Additionally, EcoCrowd has a minimum investment requirement of just 1 EUR, making it an inclusive platform that allows anyone to contribute towards sustainable projects, regardless of their financial capacity. While the specific advertised return on investment is not mentioned, it can be inferred that investors on EcoCrowd may benefit from both financial returns and the satisfaction of supporting environmentally-conscious projects. In summary, EcoCrowd is a bilingual crowdfunding platform operating in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland that facilitates investment in green energy projects. It provides a space for sustainable projects and start-ups to obtain support, while allowing individuals from all walks of life to contribute to the development of a more environmentally-friendly future.

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