Green energy Crowdfunding platforms in Sweden


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Trine is a Swedish crowdfunding platform specializing in peer-to-peer lending for the green energy industry. Founded in 2015, Trine aims to make it simple for individuals to invest in solar energy projects in emerging markets. The platform advocates for investments that are beneficial not only for investors, but also for the environment and the overall profitability of the project. Trine allows investors to contribute a minimum of 500 EUR towards green energy initiatives. While the exact return on investment is not advertised, investors can expect a competitive and attractive rate. The platform promises that these investments will have a positive impact on both people and the planet. Trine's focus on green energy aligns with the global shift towards sustainable development and renewable energy sources. By enabling individuals to support solar energy projects, especially in emerging markets, Trine is contributing to the growth of environmentally-friendly initiatives. These projects not only reduce carbon emissions but also provide opportunities for economic development in countries where access to energy infrastructure may be limited. Overall, Trine is providing a platform for individuals to contribute to the advancement of green energy and make a positive impact on global sustainability.