Green energy Crowdfunding platforms in Poland


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Crowdway is a crowdfunding platform based in Poland founded in 2015. It operates in the field of equity investment and focuses on supporting startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as green energy ventures. As the largest crowdinvesting platform in Poland, Crowdway offers extensive information on significant share issues conducted by fast-growing companies and start-ups in the country. The platform provides a comprehensive overview of share issues, with a combined value surpassing EUR 20 million, including nearly EUR 9 million in 2021 alone. By showcasing these investment opportunities, Crowdway aims to connect investors with promising ventures in various industries, facilitating the growth and development of the Polish business ecosystem. To participate in investments through Crowdway, individuals must meet the minimum investment requirement of 50 EUR. The platform is accessible to investors of legal age, which means anyone 18 years or older can engage with Crowdway. Although the advertised return on investment is not specified, Crowdway provides a trustworthy avenue for individuals looking to invest in startups, SMEs, and green energy projects. With its focus on supporting innovation and sustainability in the Polish market, Crowdway plays a vital role in fostering economic growth and business expansion in the country. To learn more about Crowdway and explore investment opportunities, interested individuals can visit their website at

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