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Green Currency

Green Currency is a crowdfunding platform based in Norway that specializes in P2P lending for green energy projects. The platform was founded in 2016 and operates primarily in the English language. Green Currency was established by professionals with extensive experience in conducting due diligence for international investors in the renewable energy sector. Through their involvement in various renewable energy projects, they have recognized the importance of building strong relationships with stakeholders and have witnessed the value that can be achieved through such collaborations. The platform offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to invest in green energy projects by providing P2P lending. This investment type allows investors to directly contribute funds to environmentally friendly initiatives, thus supporting the growth of clean energy sources. Although the advertised return for investments is not specified, Green Currency welcomes personal and corporate investors who are enthusiastic about the green energy industry. The minimum investment requirement is set at 1 unit of currency. Prospective investors can find further information about Green Currency and browse available investment opportunities on their website, which can be accessed at