Farming Crowdfunding platforms in Estonia


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LandEx is a crowdfunding platform that focuses on equity investment in startups and farming industries. Founded in 2021 and based in Tallinn, Estonia, it aims to provide a unique opportunity for both retail and institutional investors to invest in plots of land. Its primary objective is to democratize the investment process, allowing anyone above the age of 18 from a country member of the European Economic Area (EEA) to participate. It's worth noting that UK citizens can also invest on the platform. With a minimum investment requirement of 10 EUR, LandEx encourages individuals to invest in land opportunities regardless of the size of their financial means. The platform offers an attractive advertised return of 11.5%, making it an enticing opportunity for potential investors. Through its user-friendly website, interested individuals can sign up and start exploring the investment options available. LandEx provides a seamless experience by providing information about various projects, allowing investors to make informed decisions. This platform is committed to fostering transparency and accountability by ensuring that investors have access to relevant data, such as project details, financial reports, and performance analytics. As the first crowdfunding land investment platform in Europe, LandEx is consolidating its position as a reliable and innovative option for those interested in diversifying their investment portfolio within the startup and farming industries.