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Bona Fides Invest

Any individual or organization from around the world can invest through Bona Fides Invest. The platform offers a wide range of investment types including equity, debt, P2P lending, reward-based crowdfunding, donation-based crowdfunding, and mini-bonds. Bona Fides Invest caters to multiple industries, making it suitable for investments in real estate, startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), sustainability projects, litigation funding, green energy initiatives, health and science ventures, logistics projects, personal loans, art campaigns, mortgages, social causes, education, farming, sports, and maritime ventures. Established in 2014 and based in Croatia, Bona Fides Invest has a user-friendly website that provides information in multiple languages, including Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, and Swedish. With a minimum investment of just 1 EUR, Bona Fides Invest aims to make crowdfunding accessible to a wide range of investors, from individuals to institutions. The platform offers an advertised return of 0.04. In summary, Bona Fides Invest is an EU-based fintech platform that facilitates crowdfunding for individuals and organizations worldwide. With its diverse range of investment options and industry presence, it offers opportunities for investors to support and fund projects in various sectors.

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CroInvest is a crowdfunding platform based in Croatia, founded in 2014. The platform offers various types of investments, including equity, debt, reward, and donation opportunities. It primarily focuses on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). CroInvest stands out from other platforms as it places a special emphasis on projects competing for EU funds. It aims to provide financing for entrepreneurial, infrastructural, and socially useful projects. The platform offers a combination of five different models, including donations, rewards, and other investment options. The website is available in both English and Croatian languages, making it accessible to a wider audience. The minimum investment amount on CroInvest is 50 EUR. However, the website does not advertise a specific return on investment for the projects listed. CroInvest welcomes both domestic and foreign investors who are interested in investing in Croatia. It provides an opportunity for natural persons, legal entities, and foreign citizens who want to contribute to the growth and development of the country. Overall, CroInvest serves as a platform for individuals and organizations to invest in a variety of projects and contribute to the development of Croatia, particularly those projects that are seeking EU funding.