Education Crowdfunding platforms in Switzerland


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Splendit is Switzerland's first crowdfunding platform for student loans. Founded in 2014, the platform operates under the P2P lending model, connecting students in need of financial assistance with private investors who are interested in investing in education. Splendit primarily focuses on the education industry, offering an alternative option for students to secure funding for their educational pursuits. The platform supports students by allowing them to sign up on their website,, where they can provide details about their funding needs and education plans. Investors, both personal and corporate, have the opportunity to contribute to student loans through Splendit. The platform provides an opportunity for individuals or companies to invest in the future of Switzerland by supporting education. The minimum investment requirement is 500 EUR, making it accessible to a wide range of potential investors. The platform currently supports two languages, English and German, catering to a broader audience in Switzerland and internationally. The website,, serves as the primary platform for students, investors, and other stakeholders to connect and engage. While the exact advertised return on investments is not specified, Splendit offers a unique opportunity for investors to make an impact on students' lives while potentially earning a return on their investment. In summary, Splendit is a crowdfunding platform in Switzerland that facilitates peer-to-peer lending specifically for student loans. It aims to support students in need of financial assistance for their education and provides an investment option for individuals and corporations who wish to contribute to the education sector.