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Crowdbound is a crowdfunding platform based in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 2022 with a mission to support various industries, including art, social causes, and education. The platform aims to promote accessibility and diversity within the publishing and media sectors through The Arkbound Foundation. Crowdbound offers donation-based investment opportunities, allowing individuals and organizations to raise funds for their initiatives, projects, products, and campaigns. The minimum investment amount is 10 EUR, making it accessible to a wide range of investors. The platform is available in English, but it can be translated into any language, making it inclusive for individuals around the world. This feature enhances its accessibility and allows investors from different countries to participate. Crowdbound's website, available at, provides a user-friendly interface where investors can browse through various projects and choose the ones they wish to support. The platform advertises a return of 0.11, implying that investors may receive a reward or benefit in relation to their investment, although further details are not specified. Overall, Crowdbound offers a platform for individuals and organizations to raise funds for their initiatives, with a particular focus on promoting accessibility and diversity within the publishing and media industries. Its minimum investment amount, multilingual support, and mission-driven approach make it an appealing crowdfunding option for both investors and project creators.

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Energy4Impact is a crowdfunding platform based in the United Kingdom that focuses on the green energy industry. Founded in 2006, it operates as a non-profit organization with a dedication to expanding access to energy in Africa through partnerships with local businesses. By promoting sustainable clean energy markets, Energy4Impact aims to improve the quality of life for millions of people living in these communities. Although Energy4Impact offers investment opportunities, it operates on a donation basis rather than offering a specific return on investment. This means that individuals can donate a minimum of 10 EUR towards projects and initiatives that will promote the development and implementation of green energy solutions in Africa. The platform's website,, serves as a hub for individuals interested in supporting sustainable energy projects in Africa. The website provides information on various initiatives and projects, allowing potential donors to learn more about the impact and reach of their contributions. Energy4Impact's crowdfunding platform is open to anyone who wishes to contribute towards its mission. Whether individuals are passionate about green energy, interested in poverty alleviation, or simply want to make a positive impact, they can invest their funds and support the organization's efforts to bring energy access to those who need it most.

Industry:Green energy
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Crowdfunder is a crowdfunding platform based in the United Kingdom, founded in 2010. It allows individuals and businesses to support and invest in projects through two types of investment: reward-based and donation-based. The platform mainly focuses on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) within various industries. The platform is accessible to English speakers and operates through its official website, which can be found at The minimum investment amount starts from as low as 1 EUR, making it accessible for a wide range of investors. Although the exact advertised return is not explicitly mentioned on the platform, Crowdfunder emphasizes its commitment to supporting ideas that have the potential to change the world. They aim to bring together both the creators and the crowd, who contribute to the success of these ideas. Both personal and corporate investors are welcome on the platform, enabling individuals and businesses to support innovative projects and contribute to their development. In summary, Crowdfunder is a UK-based crowdfunding platform that facilitates investment in reward-based and donation-based projects. With a focus on SMEs and a dedication to supporting world-changing ideas, it provides a platform for individuals and corporations to invest in projects they believe in and contribute to their success.

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Anyone can donate to campaigns on GoGetFunding.

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CrowdJustice is a leading crowdfunding platform that was founded in the United Kingdom in 2015. It focuses on the litigation industry, providing individuals with a legal issue a unique space to share their stories, build a support network, and raise funds to take legal action. As an award-winning platform, CrowdJustice empowers both personal and corporate investors to make a difference in legal cases. Being a donation-based platform, CrowdJustice allows individuals to contribute funds to various legal campaigns, even with a minimum investment of just 1 EUR. While there is no explicitly advertised return on investments, the platform offers an opportunity for investors to support causes they believe in and help those who cannot afford legal representation. CrowdJustice's website is available in English, making it accessible to a wide audience in the United Kingdom. The platform serves as a bridge between those in need of legal assistance and those who are willing to provide financial support. Overall, CrowdJustice provides a user-friendly and secure platform for individuals and organizations to get involved in the legal issues of others. By enabling crowdfunding for those facing legal challenges, this innovative platform ensures that justice is accessible to all, regardless of their financial status or background.


Unbound, a crowdfunding platform based in the United Kingdom, was founded in 2018 with a focus on the art industry. The platform offers a donation-based investment type, allowing individuals to contribute to various artistic projects. Unbound has created a unique publishing model and platform that aims to empower people and communities to support and amplify the voices that deserve recognition. The minimum investment required on Unbound is 1 EUR, making it accessible for a wide range of potential investors. While the platform does not offer an advertised return on investment, the satisfaction of supporting meaningful art projects is considered an intrinsic reward. Unbound's website, found at, provides the necessary information and resources for potential investors to browse and select projects to support. The platform is designed to shift the balance of power within the art industry, allowing individuals and communities to champion artists and creators who might otherwise struggle to have their voices heard. Unbound does not specify any language requirements, indicating that the platform is open to projects and investors from diverse linguistic backgrounds. By providing a platform for artists and creators, Unbound strives to create an inclusive space that fosters artistic expression and creativity. Overall, Unbound serves as a crowdfunding platform that supports the art industry, empowering individuals and communities to contribute to artistic projects and amplify the voices that deserve recognition.

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Invest my community

Invest My Community is a crowdfunding platform based in the United Kingdom. Established in 2020, it specializes in donations for various industries including startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), health and science, art, social causes, education, and sport. Their website, available in English, is The platform caters specifically to local community organizations, making it the first and only fundraising platform in the UK that focuses on this group. It allows individuals and corporations to contribute to campaigns initiated by local people. The goal is to empower these individuals to raise funds for causes they are passionate about and achieve the best possible outcomes for their community. Invest My Community does not specify any advertised return on investment. Rather, it emphasizes the importance of meeting local needs and creating a positive impact within the community. The platform is open to both personal and corporate investors. With a minimum investment amount of just 1 GBP, Invest My Community aims to make fundraising accessible to a wide range of people. By providing an online platform and support for campaign management and promotion, the platform streamlines the fundraising process for local community organizations, enabling them to reach a broader audience and maximize their fundraising efforts.