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Monaco Crowdfunding

Monaco Crowdfunding is a crowdfunding platform based in Monaco. Founded in 2014, it offers various investment options including equity, peer-to-peer lending, and donation. It caters to both the SME industry as well as social causes, providing a platform for individuals and businesses to support and invest in these sectors. The platform supports multiple languages including English, French, and Italian, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Their website,, provides information and resources for potential investors. Monaco Crowdfunding has a minimum investment requirement of 1 EUR, allowing individuals to contribute even small amounts towards projects that align with their interests or values. The platform does not provide specific details about the advertised return on investments. It is important to note that Monaco Crowdfunding is a company under Monegasque law, with a share capital of €150,000. It is registered with the Monaco Business and Industry Register under number 15S06745. The platform has been granted an operating license by the Princely Government. Monaco Crowdfunding welcomes both personal and corporate investors, providing opportunities for individuals and businesses to support projects that they believe in and contribute to the growth of SMEs and social causes.