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eCrowd is a crowdfunding platform based in Macedonia that was founded in 2022. It focuses on facilitating donations for social causes. The platform primarily targets non-profit legal entities registered under the Law on Citizens' Associations and Foundations, also known as civil society organizations. operates as an online service, allowing individuals and corporations to contribute to charitable endeavors through donations. The platform's website, available in English and Macedonian, provides easy access for potential investors to learn more about the causes they can support. The minimum investment on is 100 EUR, and while the platform does not advertise a specific return on investment, it emphasizes the social impact achieved through the donations. This suggests that investors' primary motivation lies in supporting meaningful initiatives rather than financial gains. aims to engage both personal and corporate investors, offering them the opportunity to contribute to social causes that align with their values. By providing a platform specifically tailored to the Macedonian crowdfunding market, aims to foster philanthropy and empower civil society organizations to make a positive difference in the community. In summary, is a reputable and user-friendly crowdfunding platform in Macedonia that enables personal and corporate investors to donate to social causes. With a focus on non-profit organizations, aims to facilitate impactful and meaningful contributions to various projects and initiatives dedicated to societal well-being.

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