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Dalendo is a crowdfunding platform based in Luxembourg that was founded in 2017. It operates as a donation-based platform, meaning that investors contribute funds without expecting a financial return on their investment. The platform focuses on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in various industries. One of Dalendo's key features is its international reach, allowing individuals and companies from different countries to participate in the platform. The website is available in three languages: French, English, and Portuguese, providing accessibility to a wide range of potential donors. While the minimum investment on Dalendo is set at 10,000 EUR, there is no specific information available regarding the advertised return on investments. However, the platform's primary goal is to promote global business model innovation, empowering human creativity to create sustainable jobs. Dalendo welcomes donors from all sectors and does not limit participation to specific industries. This inclusivity helps create a diverse community of investors and promotes a variety of projects on the platform. Overall, Dalendo is an international crowdfunding platform that aims to create sustainable job opportunities by supporting innovative SMEs. By enabling individuals and companies to donate funds without expecting a financial return, the platform encourages contributions from any donor interested in making a positive impact on the business world.