Debt Crowdfunding platforms in Poland


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Rentujemy is a crowdfunding platform based in Poland that was established in 2022. It operates in the real estate industry and offers debt-based investment opportunities. The platform allows individuals to invest in loans specifically made for real estate projects with the aim of generating income from these properties. primarily caters to EU citizens and provides an excellent opportunity for those interested in investing in the real estate market. The platform's minimum investment amount is 1,250 EUR, making it accessible for a wide range of investors. The advertised return on investments through is 0.1, which suggests that investors can expect a competitive yield for their contributions. The platform is available in two languages: Polish and German. This multilingual approach ensures that users from different countries, especially those within the European Union, can easily navigate the website and engage with the investment opportunities. With a user-friendly website located at, provides a streamlined and convenient platform for individuals looking to invest in real estate debt. It aims to support EU citizens in diversifying their investment portfolios and accessing the potentially lucrative real estate market. Invest with to explore the possibilities of generating income from real estate projects while contributing to the growth of the Polish property market.

Industry:Real estate