Debt Crowdfunding platforms in Czech Republic


Upvest is a pioneering online crowdinvesting platform founded in the Czech Republic in 2017. The platform specializes in debt investments within the real estate industry. With its focus on connecting investors with real estate development companies, Upvest offers individuals and corporations the opportunity to invest in various real estate projects. The platform accommodates users from both the Czech Republic and English-speaking countries, supporting English and Czech languages on their website. This accessibility fosters a diverse investor base, allowing a wider range of individuals and companies to participate in the investment opportunities Upvest provides. Although the exact advertised returns are not specified, Upvest assures investors the chance to invest in real estate projects, potentially offering attractive returns. However, it's important for prospective investors to note that the minimum investment required through Upvest is 5,000 EUR. This minimum investment amount may limit the accessibility for some potential investors. Upvest's main objective is to connect investors with real estate development companies, enabling them to financially support and contribute to various real estate projects through debt investments. The platform serves as a facilitator, streamlining the investment process and creating a convenient avenue for interested individuals and corporations to engage in the real estate market.

Industry:Real estate