Buy-to-let Crowdfunding platforms in Spain


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Housers is a crowdfunding platform based in Spain, founded in 2015. It focuses on real estate investments and offers two investment types: debt and buy-to-let. As the first savings and investment platform of its kind, Housers aims to democratize investment in real assets by allowing thousands of investors to participate. The platform has a website ( available in English, making it accessible to international investors. The minimum investment required is 300 EUR, providing a lower entry barrier for potential investors. Housers does not provide specific information about the advertised return on investments. However, it offers opportunities for individuals and corporate entities to invest, allowing both personal and corporate investment. By utilizing Housers, investors have the ability to diversify their investment portfolio in the real estate industry. They can choose between debt and buy-to-let investment options, giving them flexibility in their investment strategy. Overall, Housers provides an innovative platform for individuals and corporations interested in investing in real estate. Its goal is to make investment opportunities more accessible and empower investors to maximize their returns.