Buy-to-let Crowdfunding platforms in Netherlands


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SamenInGeld is a crowdfunding platform based in the Netherlands that specializes in buy-to-let investments in the real estate industry. The platform was founded in 2014 and primarily operates in the Dutch market, with its website available in the Dutch language. One of the key highlights of SamenInGeld is the extensive collateral it offers compared to other crowdfunding platforms. It provides mortgage security to investors, ensuring that they have the first right to a refund in case of financial uncertainty. This collateral is even offered before the tax authorities, providing an additional layer of protection to investors. While the exact advertised return is not mentioned, SamenInGeld offers investment opportunities with a minimum investment amount of 250 EUR. This lower entry barrier makes it accessible to both personal and corporate investors. Unfortunately, the provided information ends abruptly and does not provide further details about the features and benefits of investing through SamenInGeld. Nonetheless, with its focus on buy-to-let real estate investments and its unique mortgage security offering, SamenInGeld appears to be a promising crowdfunding platform for individuals and businesses looking to invest in the Netherlands.

Industry:Real estate