Buy-to-let Crowdfunding platforms in Lithuania


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Inrento is a crowdfunding platform based in Lithuania that focuses on the buy-to-let investment type in the real estate industry. Founded in 2020, Inrento provides a convenient and accessible way for investors to participate in carefully selected rental properties. Investors can view and choose properties to invest in through the platform, making it a viable option for those looking to diversify their investment portfolio. The platform caters to an international audience as it is available in three languages: English, German, and Lithuanian. This allows investors from different countries to easily navigate and understand the investment opportunities provided. With a minimum investment of 500 EUR, Inrento offers an appealing opportunity for investors with various budgets. The platform boasts an advertised return of 7.52%, which makes it potentially attractive for those seeking a profitable investment option within the real estate market. In addition to providing investment opportunities, Inrento also offers an alternative way for real estate rental businesses to secure loans. This feature enables property owners to seek financial support for their rental ventures, providing an additional avenue for growth and expansion. To become an investor on the Inrento platform, individuals must be at least 18 years old and possess a bank account. These prerequisites ensure that investors meet legal requirements and have the necessary means to participate in the crowdfunding platform. Overall, Inrento offers a user-friendly and accessible crowdfunding platform for investors interested in buy-to-let investments and real estate rental businesses. Its carefully selected properties and attractive returns make it an appealing option for those seeking alternative investment opportunities.

Industry:Real estate