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Fongogo, founded in 2013, is Turkey's leading crowdfunding platform that provides digital financing as a service to startups and SMEs. Fongogo offers three types of investments: equity, reward, and donation. This allows a wide range of individuals to invest in various industries such as startups, SMEs, green energy, health & science, logistics, art, social causes, education, and farming. Fongogo aims to support these companies by providing them with the necessary funding to grow and succeed. The platform is available in the Turkish language and its website,, serves as the central hub for investors and entrepreneurs. The minimum investment required to participate on Fongogo is 10 EUR, making it accessible to individuals with different financial capacities. While the exact advertised return on investments is not mentioned, Fongogo offers a diverse range of investment options that can cater to different investor preferences. Whether individuals are looking for financial returns, rewards, or simply wish to support a cause, Fongogo provides a platform for them to invest in projects they believe in. Fongogo's mission is to facilitate digital financing and democratize the investment landscape, allowing anyone to invest in promising projects. With a focus on startups and SMEs, Fongogo plays a vital role in supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in Turkey.