Art Crowdfunding platforms in Portugal


PPL is a crowdfunding platform based in Portugal that was founded in 2011. It primarily focuses on the art industry and provides a donation-based investment type. With a minimum investment of just 1 EUR, PPL allows individuals to contribute to various artistic projects and initiatives in Portugal. The platform operates in both English and Portuguese, making it accessible to a wider audience. Its website, available at, provides all the necessary information and tools for users to explore the projects, make donations, and track their contributions. PPL prides itself on being the reference crowdfunding platform in Portugal, driven by a team that values collective wisdom, collaboration, and innovation potential. They believe in the power of individual creativity and aim to foster that through this platform. While PPL does not advertise any specific return on investment, users can take satisfaction in knowing that their contributions are supporting artists and art-related initiatives. Whether it's funding an exhibition, supporting a musician, or backing a film project, PPL provides a platform for individuals to make a difference in the art industry in Portugal. Overall, PPL presents itself as a user-friendly and inclusive crowdfunding platform that enables individuals to support and contribute to the growth and development of the art scene in Portugal.