Art Crowdfunding platforms in Netherlands


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Voordekunst is a crowdfunding platform based in the Netherlands that was founded in 2010. It specifically focuses on the art industry and offers a donation-based investment type. The platform aims to create a positive movement in the creative sector by allowing the public, or "the crowd," to support and fund cultural projects. Voordekunst provides a platform for individuals and corporations to invest in artistic ventures. The platform is open to both personal and corporate investors who are interested in contributing to the arts. It enables users to explore various projects and choose the ones they would like to support. The website is available in both Dutch and English, making it accessible to a broader audience. To participate in crowdfunding through Voordekunst, individuals or organizations can pledge a minimum investment of 10 EUR. The platform does not advertise a specific return on investment. Voordekunst acts as a bridge between artists and those who believe in their work, allowing them to bring their creative ideas to life. By connecting creative projects with individuals and corporations willing to invest, Voordekunst fosters a community-driven approach to supporting the arts. Overall, Voordekunst serves as a valuable platform for crowdfunding in the creative sector in the Netherlands, promoting cultural projects and encouraging public participation.